Saving Money on Wedding Centerpieces

Let’s just cut to the proverbial chase and admit that wedding budgets often get way out of control. It is hard to cut corners and eliminate many items and activities around this incredibly important event. Most people have envisioned their wedding for many years, and some want to make a very distinctive statement through their […]

Wedding Without Engagement

Yes, you can do whatever you want! I know a few people that have gotten engaged without a ring and gotten a ring later. To me, its not the same though. I feel like the words are more meaningful with the ring, because the ring is the symbol for the promise to marry my boyfriend […]

Why Hire Wedding Planner

Your wedding day happens once, and it can never be repeated. So, why not invest in someone who can free you from every responsibility other than drinking in every moment of that day? You have likely invested a great amount of time, energy and resources in your wedding, so you should get to enjoy it. […]